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BioTE Nutraceuticals feature superior supplements that help maintain normal hormone balance. Each BioTE supplement contains essential micronutrients that support overall health.

BioTE is leading the way to superior hormone optimization by creating a complete approach to balancing our body. We do not stop at pellet therapy; learn more about our hormone therapy nutraceutical in the drop down and ask your Adjuva Primary Care provider which nutraceuticals best fit your health care plan.

Save Time!  Buy your nutraceuticals online and have them shipped directly to you Click the link below to order.

Click for Arterosil HP
Click for ADK 5 & 10 (Immunity)
Click for DIM SGS+ (Core)
Click for IODINE+ (Thyroid)
Click for METHYL FACTORS+ (Core)
Click for OMEGA 3 + COQ10 (Omega 3 Fatty Acids)
Click for Deep Sleep (Sleep)
Click for SENOLYTIC COMPLEX (Repair, Aging, & Immunity)
Click for NMN Complex (Repair and Aging)
Click for SERENE (Anxiety)
Click for BPC-157 (Repair)

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