Medication Management

Please Bring ALL Your Medicines to Your Next Appointment. You will work with your health care team to make a medicine list. Please make sure you bring (in the original container)…

Prescription medicines
Medicines you buy without a prescription (like Tylenol® or cold medicine)
Ointments or creams
Bottles of drops
Vitamins and herbal medicines
Any questions you have about your medicines.

All your medicines from all your doctors! Even medicines you don’t take all the time! Your provider will go over them with you to…

Review what you are taking.
Make sure you are taking your medicines in the best way for you.
See if you can take fewer medicines.
Answer your questions. This is important because it…
Helps you be an active member of your health care team.
Gives you a complete medicine list that can be shared with other providers and hospitals.

Medication Therapy Management

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